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The VR Game "Bug Off Pain" is based on the idea of using spider venom toxins to make better painkillers for the future, with virtual reality (VR) being used as an innovative approach to science communication and public engagement.

Bug Off Pain is an immersive and educational VR experience that places the viewer inside the brain and shows them first-hand the molecular system in our brains that allows us to sense pain. The game consists of two parts; first, it teaches you about what you see in the brain (regarding the different cell functions and the proteins in these cells that are crucial in pain pharmacology). Then the experience gets even better when the spiders start crawling, injecting their venom and you can choose, by trial and error, which spider venom is capable to shut down the pain and which is not. More blocking, more points for you! The experience ends after you’ve found a perfect venom which blocks one specific protein and results in "pain over".

The game is to be launched on Halloween weekend, the 27th of October 2017, as one of the main attractions of Norwich Science Festival. Bug Off Pain will be launched on two different platforms; high-end Oculus Rift and its cheaper version "Google Cardboard" (QR code) which allows you to play Bug Off Pain straight from your sofa at home.

We hope you would find our VR game "Bug Off Pain" to be an engaging way of learning about science and can be used for broader science communication, education and teaching.

Developed by: Lucka Bibic, Justinas Druskis, Samuel Walpole, Jesus Angulo, Leanne Stokes Project lead: Lucka Bibic
© 2017 University of East Anglia. All Rights Reserved

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